my own closest enemy

"We will guard your heart with our lives"

 I haven't blogged in so long.   It's been like 2 whole months. 
Me and Megan had this conversation the other day. ha.

So yh. Nothing much has really happened. 
Oh, apart from my granddad coming home. After like 10 years, he decided he missed his family, packed up and flew from New Zealand to Heathrow Airport. Just like that. We've had a party for him and the lot. That was a week ago - I haven't seen him since and he's leaving again in 6 weeks. :| 
It's so strange. I don't know the man. 

Our school has been closed for two days now because of the snow. It's really deep! The deepest I've ever seen it. 
I guess it's kinda cool in a way, but I get so bored easily. I'll either end up on the internet, spamming myspace with "PC4PC  + TALK" or wasting the battery on my DS playing Zelda. Then I'll moan at my mum. 
I wish I didn't live so far away from my friends. No better yet, I wish I wasn't so lazy so I would actually bother meeting them. 
WTF. JUST HEARD ONLY YEAR 10 + YEAR 11 ARE IN TOMORROW. What's the point in that?! Cos we have exams? ERRR twats.

It's my mum's birthday today :3 
We walked to the pub and had a lovely dinner. It was fun. :D
I lovee my mummy.

Mine in 10 days. 
15, huh? Scary I think.. 
I wanna be 7 years old again. Those were THE days srsly. 

okay. i'll go.
cya ;)

happy new year (:
So 2010 huh? it's weird. Haha. We had the family over for new years eve, playing bingo and shizz. lmfao it was fun.  After midnight we stayed up till about 4:30, my aunties, gran and uncle sat talking about stuff like Uncle Tony, Great Grandma and my Granddad. I just listened. 
I didn't really come up with a new years resolution, because I never stick to them. But I decided that I'm making this year into a all-round-gigs year. I want to be a gig-goer! Me and Megan wanted to go to You Me At Six in march but she won't go unless there's standing available - Megans a moshpit maniac (OMGG LITERATION GENUIS MUCH?). But I'm on the lookout for other amazing shows we can go to. A while back I was on the Cockpit's website and Set Your Goals were playing there one night, I proper wanted to go cos I LOVE Set Your Goals but no one would go with me cos no one else had heard of them :L 
I realised it's the Relentless Tour in 29days with Liam + Sophie. DAYYUMM it's gunna be fun. Ben's supposed to be going as well, but I haven't told my mum. She doesn't like Ben. haha.

Okay, gunna go.

well, hell.
 So, I told Ben. I'd talk through it all but tbh I can't be arsed. Basically, he told me he loved me too after attempting to tell him without telling him, if you get me? I was talking about him and he was on about someone else.. I was hinting him in other words. It took some work but he got it in the end.  He said we need to move on. But I think I've done the complete opposite. How is liking each other again moving on? It's all screwed if you ask me. 
I just want someone to come along to take my breath away, and make me forget about him. I think he's already found that though (EWFAYE).
Hopefully now I've told him, things would be easier? 


Great, I just cried my eyes out... 


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