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happy new year (:
So 2010 huh? it's weird. Haha. We had the family over for new years eve, playing bingo and shizz. lmfao it was fun.  After midnight we stayed up till about 4:30, my aunties, gran and uncle sat talking about stuff like Uncle Tony, Great Grandma and my Granddad. I just listened. 
I didn't really come up with a new years resolution, because I never stick to them. But I decided that I'm making this year into a all-round-gigs year. I want to be a gig-goer! Me and Megan wanted to go to You Me At Six in march but she won't go unless there's standing available - Megans a moshpit maniac (OMGG LITERATION GENUIS MUCH?). But I'm on the lookout for other amazing shows we can go to. A while back I was on the Cockpit's website and Set Your Goals were playing there one night, I proper wanted to go cos I LOVE Set Your Goals but no one would go with me cos no one else had heard of them :L 
I realised it's the Relentless Tour in 29days with Liam + Sophie. DAYYUMM it's gunna be fun. Ben's supposed to be going as well, but I haven't told my mum. She doesn't like Ben. haha.

Okay, gunna go.


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